Society For Clinton Hill

The Beauty of Community

“It’s no exaggeration to say that our board of directors were swooning when they saw the work. We had no idea how smart and sophisticated we could be! The logo, the video, the forms and e-commerce pieces, it all came together perfectly.”

– Rosaria Sinisi, Operations Director, Society for Clinton Hill

The Challenge

Nonprofits often have difficulty procuring reliable high-end services, not so much due to a lack of resources but due to their inherently challenging decision-making processes.

With the quid pro quo for reduced fees being a mostly carte blanche approach to design decisions, we were able to bring our beloved Brooklyn neighbors into the 21st century with a beautiful and highly functional web presence.

The Solution

New identity design, photography, and videography; web design and development with e-commerce functionality; social media account branding and marketing protocols.

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