Emerson Street

Rebranding for Retailing

The Challenge

The opportunities offered by e-commerce can prove to be irresistible to wholesalers who seek to get into the retail game. Such was the case with Emerson Street Clothing Company, a firm that had carved out a very successful niche in women’s casual wear. Success in consumer markets demands more than a shift in channel activity, however; it requires a shift in brand strategy.

The Solution

We conducted a comprehensive market and competitive analysis and were able to reveal substantial opportunity for the brand offering online, including significant ROI for the proposed investment.

Emerson Street market analysis
Several slides from our market and competitive analysis

Our strategy recommendations called for a consumer-oriented rebranding, including updated brand design and key messaging.

A range of logo designs was developed based on an agreed-upon brand framework of attributes and values, emerging from an in-depth understanding of the target consumer segments.

Emerson Street logo concept

In the development and review process, final design considerations were presented on products in order to provide greater context for selection decisions.

Emerson Street logo concept

The first execution following identity design selection is typically the brand business system.

Emerson Street logo selection

The design worked beautifully in a variety of formats, including new retail installations.

Emerson Street logo selection

Once the new branding had been established, we went to work on website design and development, eventually producing a robust platform for consumer and trade sales.

Emerson Street e-commerce website homepage
Emerson Street e-commerce website product page