PERC Technologies

Making Technology Human

“Arch Digitals took us from being a participant to being a player. Dedicated, innovative, smart – we wouldn’t have achieved our goals without them.”

– Terry Lanham, CEO of PERC Technologies

The Challenge

When Arch Digitals was first recommended to the group that eventually became PERC Technologies, they had an unpronounceable name, inscrutable presentations, and a set of descriptive materials that read like an engineering manual.

Fortunately, they knew what they didn’t know. They empowered Arch Digitals to take the lead in designing a brand portfolio and developing communications that made sense to real people in both business and consumer markets.


The Solution

Arch Digitals provided brand strategy, corporate and product naming, and identity design, plus a full range of cross-channel marketing components, including print ads, promotional videos, websites, and sales collateral.

The PERC Technologies homepage

Branding and marketing needed to convey strength, trust, and technical capability, but also strike a delicate balance between fear of the unknown and the comfort of greater control. We also needed to balance business and consumer market orientations.


Perhaps the most successful aspect of our work was achieving a true emotional connection around a suite of technology products designed for both enterprise and consumer market delivery.

Promo video for the PERC Safe consumer app

The Results

Due in large part to the branding and marketing work, PERC Technologies garnered the interest necessary to facilitate a high-value acquisition exit strategy.