Urban Zen

Making Urban Zen Dynamic

The Challenge

The new enterprise of legendary fashion designer Donna Karan was built out of a desire to integrate philanthropy for global issues and human challenges with conscious commercial and aesthetic values. But the highly dynamic nature of the organization and its efforts were poorly reflected on a beautiful but static website.

When we were approached about supplying a fix, Urban Zen couldn’t even supply us with a site map. Like a beautiful kitchen without plumbing or appliances, a site built exclusively on aesthetic considerations can be functionally dormant, and re-engineering without upsetting the finish can be a challenge.

The Urban Zen Foundation homepage

The Solution

The company’s small editorial team needed a way to organize and post information quickly and easily without having to involve designers and programmers. Our solution was to deploy a content management platform that would support both the functional requirements of the organization and the aesthetic requirements of the brand.

We matched the site design perfectly, including deployment of an innovative on-the-fly font generator, and provided a simple editorial interface.